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Enhancing skills for Working Age members

– In the Working Age Group, a subject that comes up frequently is the types of skills needed in the workplace. Employers will look for a variety of skills depending on the role in question and as a visually impaired person, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Masha is one of our new members of the Working Age Group, as a visually impaired parent she discussed the skills in which she has learnt in her everyday life that can be transferred into the work place. 

‘I have really enjoyed coming to the Working Age Group, especially meeting new people who are in a similar situation as I am. The working Age Group has helped me to grow my confidence and I am now at a place where I want to get into some voluntary work for experience. 

Being a parent, particularly a VI parent, I have realised that I already have many skills that can be transferred into a voluntary role. I prepare, cook and clean for my children on a daily basis. As a VI parent, I have learnt to adapt to my surrounding and learnt different techniques of doing things. I have gained great organisational skills by putting together routines and activities and my communication skills have improved greatly. I have also gained budgeting and time keeping skills by having to stick to deadlines and organising the monthly income’ 

For someone who is not sure about applying for work or voluntary work, take a moment to reflect on how you live your everyday life and you may be surprised about the skills that you have; or that you unknowingly are developing. Self-confidence and a pro-active attitude is the way forward.

Feb 13, 2020

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