“It’s like I’ve never been away all these months! I feel so welcome coming back.” – Rosemary B


Croydon Vision Art classes run every Wednesday morning from 10:00am-12:00pm. If you want to create a vibrant landsc
ape, an abstract collage or a 3D sculpture we have all the materials and equipment for you to do so. You can choose your own project or if you need direction, Marsha is on hand to facilitate and encourage your artistic development.  

Come join our group and get in touch with your inner artist! Whether you have experience in any form of art or a complete beginner, you will meet like-minded, creative and talented people in a happy friendly environment in our art group. 

Pottery – TBC
We have a fun 2-
hour session every Monday from 10:00am-12:00pm. We mould and create different shapes, objects and ideas. Your hands might get a bit sticky and muddy but that’s the fun part of it. The facilitator (Gitte) will always guide and assist you whether you have no experience or a lot. Once you have moulded your clay together we place it in our kiln for 24 hours. You then have the opportunity to paint and add colour to your item before taking it home.