“I appreciate Croydon Vision very much, it is a community that develops my skills, especially on tech”- RA.


Croydon Vision Newsletter September 2019

How to support us

As you all know this October Susanette (Executive Director), and John (NHS) will be climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds for an accessible 7-seater vehicle. This will improve transport-waiting time for our members, promote inclusivity and reach many more people with sight loss whilst reducing emissions.
Please help us reach our fundraising target! There are many simple and easy ways that you can donate to this great cause; 

  • Via Cheque – In your newsletter this month you will find a small prepaid envelope that you can use to send your donation to us. When writing a cheque please write it to Croydon Voluntary Association for the Blind.
  • Via Cash – You can use your envelope for cash donations either by dropping it to Bedford Hall or via post.
  • Via debit/credit card – You can donate with a card on ourJustgiving page:https://www.justgiving.com/croydonvisually
  • Buy a Tshirt – You can purchase a yellow T-shirt costing £12.99 from Croydon Vision to show your support and help

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement so far! If you need any assistance please ask a family member, friend or carer to help out or give reception a call and they will answer any enquiries. 

Healthy Living Campaign

Starting from September 2nd Croydon Vision will be launching a healthy living campaign. Keeping healthy is important for mental and physical well being and living a healthy life brings with it many benefits. 

We will be promoting healthy eating and physical and mental exercise as well as showing how small changes can make a big difference in your health. Individuals will set themselves their own personal goals and with the assistance of the team, work together to reach them. No matter how big or small your goal is we will help you! The healthy living campaign will be running for 3 months. 

More information will be communicated to you via member bulletins and website.


Trustee update:

Dhruvin Patel is our Business Development Trustee – he is an optometrist and entrepreneur encouraging a healthier relationship with technology in the digital age. Since receiving a development grant from City University in London, he has built his company Ocushield into an internationally distributed, MHRA medically rated product and established himself as a leading authority on blue light and its impact on vision and quality of life.

Dhruvin has been featured in Forbes, The Guardian and The Telegraph as well as being named a finalist for Health Tech Founder of the Year at the 2018 Tech Founder Awards. Ocushield products are currently used by employees at organisations such as NHS, JP Morgan, HMRC and Barclays.

“I am pleased to be joining Croydon Vision as someone who grew up locally, I wanted to give back to an organisation which is making a positive impact on peoples lives. My background in optometry and business will hopefully allow me to execute the tasks required as the business development trustee which in turn will mean better services for members and continued growth for the charity.”


Thank you Jim

Unfortunettly our Trustte, volunteer and member Jim Smith has decided to step down from his role in the Board of Trustees. Jim has been a tremendous support and we thank him for all of his input and dedication as a Trustee over the years. 

Jim will be continuing to support Croydon Vision through his other voluntry roles with the talking news and as a group assistant to various groups. Thank you again Jim!

From the Team at Croydon Vision


Children and Young People


What an amazing summer break we’ve had at Croydon Vision. We welcomed lots more younger members who are benefitting from the fun, physical and educational activities we are running. Our younger members are also starting to form wonderful friendships through Croydon Vision with siblings also enjoying the social interaction.

We began our summer calendar of events with a visit to the fantastic Hobbledown Farm where one young member faced his fear of heights and took part in the high ropes challenge. On the hottest day of the year, we visited Sutton Trampoline Park. It was slightly hot but on the plus side Croydon Vision pretty much had the entire park to ourselves!

At the end of July we visited our first theme park and spent the day with some daring older members at Chessington World of Adventures. Our most popular activity to date is Godstone Farm where over 30 members of all ages visited. It was a wonderful day with us all enjoying a tractor ride around the farm. We got to hold baby bunnies, chicks and even a giant African snail.

The summer ended with one of the childrens favourite activities, Kidzania and as per usual everyone loved it. Our new Children’s and Young Peoples officer joined us for her first event where she got to meet some of the families she will be working with. 

I’ve enjoyed the opportunity as young people’s officer and from September I will be starting my exciting new role as the Business Development Manager. I will continue to be part of the Children’s project and oversee the new Children’s and Young People’s Officer, Korey Knight, who you will get to meet in September. 

Nicola Peake – Business Development Manager


Information and Advice

Service Impact:

Victoria’s passport had expired and she needed help to renew it. Our officer was able to sit with her and apply online for a passport renewal.  He was even able to take a picture and uploaded digitally. This meant there was no cost to Victoria; in purchasing a passport picture and it also meant she did not have to go anywhere to have it done. The process took 30 minutes and she is now awaiting a new passport. 


Traveleyes was founded in 2004 by the blind entrepreneur. It is the world’s first commercial tour operator providing independent group travel for people who are blind or partially sighted.

Blind travellers can simply choose a group holiday from our fully accessible website or audio brochure, then just book, and go!  Those who travel solo no longer have to depend on family members or friends to accompany them on holiday.

Sighted travellers join each holiday too. They help in making the world a more accessible place by guiding and describing the sights to our blind travellers. In return, sighted travellers benefit from a discount of up to 50% on each holiday. 

Each holiday itinerary is carefully hand-made by our expert team, with a focus on stimulating all of the five senses. This means that we can guarantee a truly unique and multi-sensory travel experience. Our holiday destinations cover Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Americas

Information and Advice Appointment Times 

Tuesday 9am 11am 1pm 2.30pm
Wednesday 9am 11am 1pm 2.30pm
Thursday 9am 11am 1pm 2.30pm

John Ebubedike – Information and Advice

Working Age

 The Working Age group is not only for people who want to get back into work. Debbie Levy is a member and explains why she joined. 

I first came to Croydon Vision about a year ago. I was told about different groups and social events, including an upcoming trip to the London Eye. I went along to meet other people. I enjoyed the trip and decided to join the Working Age group. I am not interested in seeking employment, but instead have an interest in volunteering and I enjoy the company. And of course, the trips to Pizza Hut and Lloyds Park are an added bonus. 

South West London Working Age Forum


Let’s Talk Tech 12th September 2019 

Join us for the second event in our new networking project for blind and partially sighted people of working age in South West London. 

Advances in IT have helped blind and partially sighted people to overcome many day-to-day challenges. At this event,

find out more about the range of tech availableand discover solutions to challenges. 

Share your story too; what has IT enabled you to do and what problems has it helped you solve? Examples include Braille displays, magnification, screen readers and apps for orientation.


Date: 12 September 2019

Time: 6 to 8pm

Venue: Croydon Vision – Bedford Hall

Refreshments provided. 

RSVP to waf.london@londonvision.org

If you would like assistance from the station, please let us know by 5th September. The meeting point will be West Croydon Rail Station side exit.


Resource Centre


Review: Ramble-Tag 

On the trek, when my guide John felt that things were getting tricky and more dangerous, he would say it was time to use the Ramble Tag. I would simply put a finger or two through the “hoop” of the Ramble-Tag and then concentrate on looking at John’s feet to see where he was treading. The tag is NOT used to pull me along in the same way that a white cane is NOT a walking stick. When John needed to manoeuvre his body in order to descend safely he would turn his body either to the left or right and put the Tag on the arm closest to me, I am right handed but had no problem using my left hand if needed.

I found the Ramble-Tag simply genius. I can see it being used in every guiding scenario. There have been many occasions where I have been “elbow” guided by a sweaty porter which isn’t very nice. The Ramble-Tag could be used for children (whether or not they are VI) and people who have issues being in physical contact with someone else. When reviewing anything I always try to be balanced and honest but in this case I am really struggling to find a negative about the product. It is light and easy to travel with, the hoop is a perfect thickness, easy to locate and comfortable to hold. I reckon you could use it underwater!

I have suggested it could be made in different designs to suit different personalities such as glitzy disco or combat camouflage.

Member and Volunteer

‘I used the Ramble-Tag on one of our excursions to help me assist two of our members with public transport and getting around Shakespeare’s Globe. I found the device to be very useful, secure and it made it easy for me to balance out the members weights. I was very pleasantly surprised and would recommend the Ramble-Tag to others and I will definitely be using it again’

Natasha Thompson Campbell –Office Manager 


Over 65s 


For the past few years I have been attending aqua fit classes in a hydrotherapy pool at Croydon Therapy Clinic.  

Hydrotherapy is great for improving circulation, rehabilitation, pain relief and relaxation. From my personal experience, although it does not get rid of aches and pains, it has relieved them greatly, especially over the winter months. Sessions offer people with similar conditions and mobility the opportunity to exercise in a fun, sociable way with like-minded others who encourage and motivate you. 

The pool at Croydon University Hospital is measures 6m by 3m. It is 0.9m deep in the shallow end and 1.2m at the deep end. Access to the pool is by 4 steps with 2 handrails. There are a further 2 steps at the deeper end. Access can also be made by using the ceiling track hoist.

Anyone can join sessions in a hydrotherapy pool. This includes:

  • Clients wishing to continue with water-based exercise after being discharged from a course of hydrotherapy treatment.
  • Clients that would like to explore the benefits of exercising independently in water. In this instance, there will be an additional charge for an initial assessment and designing an independent water-based exercise programme.
  • Clients must be able to enter and exit the pool themselves safely either by the stairs or by hoist with assistance from a staff member.

A course of Aqua Fit hydrotherapy consists of 6 weekly sessions which cost £48. Each session lasts 30 minutes, are supervised by two members of staff and are held at the main Physiotherapy department at Croydon University Hospital. Please call 07950 1761 13 or email croydontherapyclinic@gmail.com or for more information. 

Jim Smith – Member and Volunteer

Talking News 

It’s been a long time, a very long time, but now it’s ended. I have given up producing and presenting Croydon Talking News.

Why? Well, for years the idea has always been to produce a weekly news round-up of life in the borough of Croydon. I think 45 years or so is quite long enough. You, the listeners, deserve a new voice to hear.  Maybe a new approach to the news. 

It originally grew through association with the Croydon Advertiser, where I worked. This is why the paper still gets a credit at the start of each edition.  

Of course, it has been a privilege throughout these years, and I have had so many encouraging comments from the members. A special memory is when one lady told me she looked forward to taking me to bed with her every Saturday morning. I should add she did this to listen to the tape while she had breakfast!

Wherever you may have heard me, thank you for lending an ear. It’s made all my work and preparation well worthwhile. I’ve enjoyed it. 

Roger Bing – Member and Volunteer


Thanks to Roger by a Member


It is with humility and great respect that we honour the amazing contribution Roger Bing has made to Croydon Vision’s Talking Newspaper, reporting the local news every week for over 40 years without missing one! 

After all those years he has decided it is time to retire. We are indebted to him. We shall miss his dulcet tones every week, but we must move on. We bow to the magnificent contribution he has made and wish him and his wife all the best for the future. 


Update: Croydon Vision & Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT)


You will recall that we entered into a Memorandum of Understanding two years ago with TPT whereby they offered CV financial help and support by way of £35,000 per annum for a minimum of 2 years, a contribution towards our Executive Director’s salary. They also offered support with Health & Safety, Human Resource and any other department should we need it. Our contact at TPT was Jeff Page who had previously been the Executive Director at CV. 

TPT has had to review its financial structure resulting in their making some drastic changes this year. Charles Colquhoun has been confirmed as their new CEO and he has informed me that there will be no financial assistance for CV in the foreseeable future.

The Pocklington Trust have confirmed that they  are still committed to supporting the development of independent sight loss charities across London, including Croydon Vision and we will find out more about their future proposals in due time. 

The organisation TPT created as a collaborative group to pursue the interests of the VI within the 6 boroughs in South West London, known as SWLvis, has ceased. However the Chairs of 5 of these boroughs, namely, Croydon, Kingston, Richmond, Wandsworth and Sutton have agreed to continue with their quarterly meetings on the basis of information sharing.    

To sum up, our relationship with TPT is now one of colleagues working together rather than engaging in a partnership.  They will have no influence over our decision making whatsoever, including what title we chose to give the working head of Croydon Vision, currently known as Executive Director.  

Frances Cullen – Chair of Trustees at Croydon Vision

General Information

 Listening Books

Listening Books are a national charity providing an audiobook library service for anyone whose health impacts their ability to read. We currently offer free memberships (usually between £20 and £45 per year) for people living in and around Croydon. 

We have over 8,000 audiobooks from bestselling authors such as J. K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin and many more. Members can borrow titles in three easy ways: 

  • Through the post on MP3 CD with no postage costs or late fees
  • Downloaded to an app for smartphones or tablets
  • Streamed online through a desktop or laptop computer

To find out more, please visit www.listening-books.org.uk, email ajaggers@listening-books.org.uk or call 020 7407 9417. 

Modernisation of Traffic Signals

Essential maintenance will be carried out on the A23 Purley Way, specifically at the junction with Edgehill Road and Highfield Road,

from Thursday 22 August to Friday 4 October, between 20:00 and 05:00.

 What will be done:

Replacing all traffic signal equipment with the latest ultra-low voltage and carbon technologies. The signal timings will also be updated. 

The following restrictions will be in place between 20:00 and 05:00:

Lane closures:

There are no planned road closures but lanes will be closed. A minimum of one lane in each direction will be maintained at all times. All lane closures will take place at night only. All lanes will reopen by 05:00 each morning.


Pedestrian crossing points will be maintained and temporary signals will be in use at all times. Pedestrian access to properties will not be affected.

Events Calendar 

Date Event Further Details
Monday 2nd September Welcome Back! Warm welcome back Members
Thursday 12th September Working Age Forum

6pm – 8pm

Bedford Hall

Monday 23rd September Living with Sight Loss Workshop (RNiB)

10am – 3pm

Bedford Hall

Wednesday 25th September Living with Sight Loss Workshop (RNiB)

10am – 3pm

Bedford Hall

4th October
Annual General Meeting (AGM)

4:00pm – 6:30pm

Bedford Hall

Sunday 3rd November West End Gala 6.30pm – 9pm                     Fairfield Hall               *
22nd Nov
Autumn is Here –
Dinner and Dance

5:00pm –  9:00pm

Bedford Hall *

19th December
Christmas Party
(Christmas break)
Celebrating all ages from        *
13:00 – 17:00pmBedford Hall, (Essential to book)
6th January 2020 Welcome Back Warm welcome back Members




Summer BBQ

On Wednesday 21st August members, staff, volunteers and guests of all ages gathered at Bedford Hall to enjoy a summer BBQ. We were blessed with great weather. During the day we had lots of games and activities. At the end of the day the children paired up with members to take part in a chocolate treasure hunt. The food was fantastic with an array of BBQ delights. 

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who came and supported us during this event. It was great to have all ages join us and everybody who came had a great time. We look forward to the same again next year. We hope that all our members and volunteers have had a great August and we look forward to seeing everybody in September.



Excursions are a great way to give our members the opportunity to get out and about and take part in activities with other members, volunteers and staff. This year excursions have been the best so far with exciting trips to lots of different locations including; Eastbourne, Hampton Court and Godstone farm. Everyone who got the chance to go one or more of the trips has had a great time. If you receive our Talking News you will have heard small snippets from our members from some of the excursions. 

We want to say a massive thank you to all of the volunteers who have given their time to assist with guiding on the trips, without you it would not be possible to have the trips at all.


Living with Sightloss Workshop

On Monday 23rd September and Wednesday 25th September;
Croydon Vision are teaming up with the RNIB to run a free 2 day ‘Living with Sight Loss ‘workshop. The workshop will be held at Bedford Hall from 10.30am – 3pm. 

The course is interactive and opportunities to share experiences.

Day one the workshop will cover;

·       RNIB services

·       Benefits of sight loss registration

·       Help from Social Services

·       Eye Health

·       Travel and Transport

Day two the workshop will cover;

·       Emotional Wellbeing

·       Technology

·       Sport and Leisure

·       Mobility and Guide Dogs

·       Daily Living 

To book a place onto this course please contact reception on 02086882486 or email info@croydonvision.org.uk. Please book your place before the 18th September.

Quiz Time 

We hope you are hungry! This month’s fun-filled quiz is food related. 

  1. What dish is Yorkshire famous for?
  2. What is the main ingredient of sauerkraut?
  3. What famous brand of whisky also has a sauce used to flavour barbecued meat?
  4. What types of food do vegans not eat?
  5. What is the term used for when food is preserved or flavouredover a burning or smouldering material such as wood?
  6. Chicken should be safely cooked at which temperature? A. 145 degrees, b 135 degrees, c. 160 degrees
  7. What is another name for maize?
  8. What is a pescatarian diet?
  9. What country does paella come from?
  10. 10. What is pickling?
  11. 11. How many types of apples are there in the world?
  12. Name the hottest pepper in the world?
  1. The following colour chopping boards are used for which type of food…red, yellow, blue, green, brown and white?
  2. What food is traditionally given at Easter?
  3. What is Marble, Bundt and saccharate?
  4. What foods are associated with Count Dracula?


1.Yorkshire Pudding 2. Cabbage 3. Jack Daniels 4. Meat and dairy food. 5. Smoking. 6. C 160 7. Corn 8. Does not eat meat only fish  9. Spain 10. Food that has been immersed in vinegar 11. 7,000 12. Carolina Reaper 13. Red = raw meat, yellow = cooked meat, blue = raw fish, green = salad, fruit and veg, brown = root veg and white = bakery and dairy. 14. Eggs 15. Cakes 16. Garlic and steak


That’s Entertainment

A selection of audio-described performances in London next month. Please note that some of the times for Touch Tours are yet to be confirmed (TBC). Please use the contact details to enquire.


Date                    What’s                     Contact Info            Price



Fri 4th Oct          Bartholomew            T: 02074019919     £7-

7:00pm (Touch  Fair                                                           48

5:00pm)             Sam Wanamaker




Sat 19th Oct       Solaris                       T: 0208 741 6850    £10

7:30pm (Touch  Lyric

Tour 6:00PM)    Hammersmith




Tues 22nd Oct    Blood Wedding        T: 02079 222 922     £10

7:30PM (Touch Young Vic Theatre

Tour TBC)         London


Sat 26th Oct      Two Ladies                 T: 0333 320 0052    £25

2:30(Touch       The Bridge Theatre

Tour TBC)        London


Telephone numbers for local theatres:
New Wimbledon Theatre:        0844 871 7646
Bromley Theatre:                     0203 285 6000

Dates for your Diary


Tuesdays & Thursday
IT Training
The IT Trainer Katherine Turner will be teaching on Tuesday and Thursday.

Information & Advice

Tuesday to Thursday

John Ebubedike, Information, Advice
and Guidance, is in Tuesday to Thursday. Please book through reception.


Wednesday 4th September

The chiropodist Joy Dell will here on Wednesday. Please book with Reception.


Macular Support Group

Monday 9th September



Is the next meeting of Croydon Macular Support Group from 1pm –  3pm.

Low Vision Clinic

Thursday 19th September

Fiona Hazell, optometrist with Low Vision Clinic, will be at Bedford Hall between 10am and 12.30pm. She gives expert advice. This is a free consultation, but please book first.


Thursday 26th September



Croydon Hearing at Bedford Hall from 12pm – 2.30pm

Monday 7th October


The Glaucoma Group will meet at Bedford Hall at 1.30pm


Croydon Vision
Eat well, Live well, Age well

(All meals Include a choice of main course and dessert)

Tuesday 3rd September


Meat: Cottage pie served with steamed vegetables
Vegetarian: Diced potatoes and leek in cheese sauce served with steamed vegetables
Fish: Baked cod served with potatoes and steamed vegetables


Homemade tiramisu
Fruit salad served with ice cream and yogurt 


 Wednesday 4th September

Chicken and pasta bake served with salad 


Fruit salad with ice-cream or yogurt 


 Thursday 5th September


Meat: Chicken tikka masala served with rice or potatoes and steamed vegetables
Vegetarian: Vegetable tikka masala served with rice or potatoes and steamed vegetables
Fish: Baked salmon served with potatoes and steamed vegetables


Homemade vanilla cheese cake
Fresh Fruit salad with yogurt or Ice cream


Tuesday 10th September

Meat: Roast chicken served with potatoes, pan fried cabbage, carrots and gravy
Vegetarian: Roast Quorn sausages served with potatoes, pan fried cabbage, carrots and gravy
Fish: Pan fried salmon served with potatoes, pan fried cabbage and carrots


Apple crumble with custard
Seasonal fruit salad with yogurt or ice cream 


Wednesday 11th September 

Sausages and mash with gravy and baked beans 


Chocolate sponge cake with custard 


Thursday 12th September

Meat: Shepherd’s pie served with steamed vegetables
Vegetarian: Vegetarian Shepherd’s pie with steamed vegetables
Fish: Fish pie served with steamed vegetables 


Homemade Banoffee pie
Seasonal fruit salad with yogurt or ice cream



 Tuesday 17th September 

Meat: Roast pork served with roast potatoes, steamed vegetables and gravy
Vegetarian: Stuffed peppers with couscous served with steamed vegetables
Fish: Baked salmon served with roast potatoes and steamed vegetables


Homemade chocolate brownies
Seasonal fruit salad with yogurt or ice cream



Wednesday 18th September


Macaroni and cheese with roast chicken and salad


Homemade apple pie with custard or ice-cream


Thursday 19th September

Meat: Chicken casserole served with mash and steamed vegetables
Vegetarian: Vegetable casserole served with mash and mixed salad
Fish: Baked cod served with mash and steamed vegetables




Homemade rice pudding with berries
Seasonal fruit with yogurt or ice cream


Tuesday 24th September

Meat: Stew chicken with rice or potatoes and mixed salad
Vegetarian: Cauliflower cheese with potatoes and mixed salad
Fish: Fish stew served with rice or potatoes and mixed salad


Homemade plum tart with custard
Seasonal fruit salad with yogurt or ice cream


Wednesday 25th September

Chicken in bread crumbs served with chips and baked beans


Fruit salad with ice-cream or yogurt


Thursday 26th September

Meat: Penne pasta in tomatoes sauce with meatballs served with steamed vegetables
Vegetarian: Penne pasta in tomato sauce with meatballs served with Mediterranean vegetables and salad
Fish: Baked cod with potatoes and steamed vegetables


Homemade Strawberry trifle
Fruit salad Seasonal fruit with yogurt or ice cream 


New Addington Menu
Eat well, Live well, Age well


Thursday 5th September:

Main: Chicken tikka masala served with rice or potatoes and steamed vegetables

Dessert: Homemade vanilla cheese cake


Thursday 12th September:

Main: Shepherd’s pie served with steamed vegetables

Dessert: Homemade Banoffee pie 


Thursday 19th September:

Main: Chicken casserole served with mash and steamed vegetables

Dessert: Homemade rice pudding with berries


Thursday 26th September

Main: Penne pasta in tomatoes sauce with meatballs served with steamed vegetables

Dessert: Homemade Strawberry trifle


We would love to have your input!

Submissions for the October Newsletter are due in by:
16th September,



Sep 1, 2019

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