“Croydon Vision has helped my daughter build her confidence and make new friends” – Rachel

Children and Young People

Building confidence through fun.

Children living with sight loss are often unable to access mainstream activities, which can result in a lack of confidence.  We’re all about taking that on.

Croydon Vision’s younger members, who range from 3 years old right up to 18, are all visually impaired or blind and some also have additional needs, such as physical or learning disabilities. But that’s not the focus here. Our focus is helping them to live without being defined by their sight loss

The activities our younger members participate in through Croydon Vision are designed to challenge and stimulate them, while meeting their specific needs: 

  • Building building self-esteem, independence and confidence. 
  • Boosting social and communication skills.
  • Making new friends who have shared experiences and challenges.

Laying foundations for a rich, full life

Our goal is to equip the children who come here with practical and physical skills, which will eventually lead them to being able to complete everyday tasks – such as cooking and travelling – independently. We encourage everyone to become more physically active, and have fun in the process. 

How do we do that? 

We run regular activities at the weekends, during school holidays and over half terms, including:

  • Cookery
  • Playing VI cricket and goalball
  • Reading Workshops
  • Travelling Independently
  • Tech Training
  • Career Workshops
  • Virtual Groups – Peer Support
  • And even touch tours 

Find out how you can get involved on our activities page >

The more the merrier.

We primarily work with children and young people who are visually impaired, but we also welcome their siblings and family members to come along too. Our hub at Bedford Hall is a great place to meet people, chat and share your experiences with people who get you. 

We also host loads of activities for families, such as quiz nights and summer BBQs. The focus at these get-together is always having fun, meeting new people and trying something different. 

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