Super pleased; becoming the first group of recipients to receive the Kings Award!

Welcome to Croydon Vision
Thank you to all those who joined us at our Gala Dinner 2023, to celebrate our centenary. 

Our Weekly Activities

Music Appreciation (fortnightly) 10:30am–12:30pm.
Let’s sing & dance – Karaoke
Eye Health Workshops (Monthly).

Excursions – see list below for locations.
Quiz Group 10:30am-12:30pm.
Morning Social Group 10:30am-12:30pm (coming soon).
Let’s Talk Tech (Weekly drop in session) 10:30pm-12:30pm.
Mental Aerobics 1:30pm-3pm.

Art & Pottery pm session. 
Keep Fit 10:30am-12:30pm.
Moorfields Low Vision Clinic (Appointment Only).
Route to employment 13:30pm-3pm.
Let’s Cook Together AM&PM sessions.

Morning Social Group 11am-12:30pm.
Dance 10:30am-12:30pm.
Afternoon Social Group 1:30pm-3pm.
Book Club 13:30pm-3pm.
Your Start with Croydon Vision 10:30am-12:30pm.
Counselling Service (Bricks or Clicks) – all day.

Excursions – see below for information.
One to one support – by appointment only.

Lunch and Transport are available from Monday to Thursday and can be booked via reception on 020 8688 2486.

Please find below the list of excursions in December and January 2024. Please call on 0208 688 2486 to book your place.

Friday 1st December – Natural History Museum 


Pick Up and Drop Off from CV: £18.75

Pick Up and Drop Off from Home: £22.50

Tuesday 12th  December – Exploring Harrow, Warlingham  


Pick Up and Drop Off from CV: £18.75

Pick Up and Drop Off from Home: £22.50

Monday, 18th December – A Trip to the London Eye  


Pick Up and Drop Off from CV: £18.75

Pick Up and Drop Off from Home: £22.50

Tuesday 19th December – Aladdin Pantomime at Fairfield Halls


Pick Up and Drop Off from CV: £18.75

Pick Up and Drop Off from Home: £22.50

Save the date: Excursions January 2024 (more info to follow):

Tuesday, 2nd January – Hansel & Gretel performance globe theatre 

Friday, 5th January – Its Bowling Time!

Tuesday, 9th January – Disney Exhibition at Excel

Tuesday, 16th January – Afternoon Tea at Rouge café, St. Paul’s

Friday, 19th January – Lunch at the George

Tuesday, 23rd January – Exploration of the Sea life 

Saturday, 27th January – A trip to the Houses of Parliament 

Tuesday, 6th February – Fairfield Mozart Concert (TBC) 

Connecting Generations

At Croydon Vision we pride ourselves on working with people of all ages who are visually impaired or blind. We deliver a range of services which are tailor made according to our members’ age and individual needs.  

We categorise age groups into the following: 

During the week we run a series of social groups, activities and workshops for those aged over 18. The Children & Young People’s Project runs once a month and during all school holidays and half terms. This year we focused on running activities for all ages to join in together.  

Our members come to Croydon Vision for a variety of reasons: some wish to volunteer, seek help or advice about employment opportunities and others like to socialise and catch up over coffee or lunch. Croydon Vision has become a lifeline for many of our members and our transport ensures all of our members can easily access our services.  

Upcoming Events

We’ve been celebrating our 100 year celebrations – see rest of events below:

  • 14th November 2023 (Kings Award Celebration!)
  • 14th December – Christmas Party!

    Events Gallery

  • Click here for more

Eat, Live and Age well

We are a Food Standard Agency 5 star approved organisation.

Our Cook provides nutritious meals which are freshly cooked for Monday to Thursday services each week. We take into consideration members dietary requirements and do our utmost best to provide amazing 2-course meal (mains and dessert). Lunch is £7. If you would just like the main it will be £5 and dessert on its own will be £3.
We also provide takeaway options, do contact us to find out more.

To promote inclusivity, we now provide a range of options including meat, vegetarian and pescatarian dishes.

December Menu 2023:
Croydon Vision Menu December 2023

Visual Awareness Workshop

Our Visual Awareness Workshops are designed to boost empathy, knowledge and confidence around visual impairment.

Our workshop includes:

  • Empathy-Boosting Discussion & Hands-On Activities
  • Tips & Tricks to Make Life Better for Blind People
  • ‘How to Guide’ Upskilling
  • Taboo-Smashing Q&A
  • Blind-Friendly Recognition
  • Info Pack & Certificate

*This is a paid for service and we can discuss whether you want the workshop hosted at Croydon Vision or your work place.
If dinner/lunch is provided there will be an additional cost of £7.00.

Complete the booking form below.

Living with Sight loss

Are you a new member to Croydon Vision?

Join in on an intensive day of workshops covering all aspects of life, sharing experiences, exploring barriers and finding solutions to help you cope and live life with sight loss. These workshops are relevant to everyone who is partially sighted, severely sight impaired or blind. Family members or friends are also welcome to attend as they can gain some insight and understanding. You will also be invited to eat lunch as group for free and get a taste of the dishes we serve in or kitchen! 

  • Welcome and introductions
  • The Sight Loss Pathway: Moving forwards
  • Navigating services: Who helps with what?
  • Adapting your home, everyday life and using special devices
  • Reading and writing, communication solutions
  • Benefits: Are you claiming all the benefits you are entitled to?
  • Mobility out and about: your local area, in London and further afield
  • Staying active: Socialising, leisure, work or volunteering
  • Setting goals for the future

For upcoming dates for Living with Sight Loss workshops contact:

Phone Croydon Vision: 0208 688 2486 OR


Our Voice Podcast

Welcome to Our Voice podcast, brought to you by Croydon Vision.

Everything we do is focused on transforming lives and encouraging people to re-evaluate what’s possible when you are blind or partially sighted. There is life after sight loss.

You can listen to all our podcast episodes on Spotify by clicking on the link below;

Our Voice podcast on Spotify