“I have been granted my blue badge. I’ve been turned down so many times in the past and would’ve given up. ”  Jackie


Croydon Vision is committed to safeguarding Children, Young People, Adults and everyone who uses our services.
We have set up appropriate Policies, Procedures and Training to ensure Finance, Health and Safety becomes an integral part to all of our work.  

Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSO)
Natasha Thompson- Campbell.
Mickella Hosannah.

Deputy DSO
Susanette Mansour.

Senior Lead Safeguarding Officer
Frances Cullen.

Health and Safety Officer (H&SO)

Natasha Thompson-Campbell.
David Elvy (Assistant H&SO).

Complaints and Feedback

Volunteers: Natalie Appiah
Staff: Natasha Thompson- Campbell.

Data Protection Officer:

Natasha Thompson Campbell.
Nataliya Lavitskaya.

A Sample list of our Policies:

Budget Policy.
Complaints Handling Policy & Procedure.
Data Protection Policy & Procedure.
Disclosure Barring Policy & Procedure.
Environmental Policy & Procedure.
Food Safety Policy & Procedure.
Financial Procedure.
Health and Safety Policy & Procedure.
Learning & Growth Policy.
Risk Management Policy.
Safeguarding Policy & Procedure.
Volunteer Management Policy.

For further information please contact info@CroydonVision.org.uk