“I appreciate Croydon Vision very much, it is a community that develops my skills, especially on tech”- RA.


Join our vibrant community

It’s free to become a Croydon Vision member, and our members – and their families – can take advantage of a range of services and activities:

  • Advice & Advocacy
  • Sight Loss Workshops
  • Counselling
  • Transport & Lunch
  • Outreach
  • Tech Training
  • Route to Employment
  • Discussion groups
  • Get Creative
  • Click the referral form, alternatively, complete the join us page or visit Croydon Vision and ask for a membership form.

Member’s Feedback:

“I never thought about what it would be like to be blind before I lost my sight. Why would I? 
Now talking to other people at Croydon Vision who have lost their sight; gives me assurance that there is life after sight loss.” – Abdul.

“Croydon Vision brings people with sight loss together, it gives companionship. It changed my life! Instead of standing still after sight loss diagnosis, Croydon Vision allowed me to progress and move forward.”  – Mary.

There are three branches to our work…

Practical Support:
We work directly with people affected by sight loss in a number of different ways. Providing quality information, advice, advocacy, tech training and counselling services are invaluable in helping blind and partially sighted people to thrive, in spite of their sight loss. We also combat the isolation and powerlessness that can come hand in hand with visual impairment, by facilitating peer support groups and recreational activities. 

Spreading Awareness:
It isn’t just blind and partially sighted people that we work with. By informing and educating carers, family members, employers and the public about the challenges faced by blind and partially sighted people, we’re gradually helping to change perceptions.

Improving Services:
We don’t operate in a bubble. Working with Moorfields, GPs, optical professionals, sensory impairment team, local and national voluntary organisations means the provision available for our members in Croydon is joined-up and timely.

If you require assistance completing the form, you can contact reception who will make the necessary arrangement for you. We provide an induction process for anyone joining our services, undertaken by our Member Liaison Officer. The officer will go over our activities and also identify what you would like to gain from Croydon Vision. The induction process is less than an hour. 

Please contact info@CroydonVision.org.uk if you have any questions.