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“You listen and you care! Thank you for tech tutorial at home.” – Vinochandra


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It takes a particular type of person to work at Croydon Vision, someone who is committed to the ethos, ethics and values of an organisation that makes a real difference.
Croydon Vision
 has a team of people who come together with volunteers to share insights and innovative ideas which address and meet the needs of the local community.
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Feedback from Members:

‘It’s my lifeline! 
When I come to Croydon Vision I don’t think of my sight loss, I feel normal.’ – Brenda G

‘Croydon Vision is practically everything to me – a great place for me to socialise.’ – Steve M

‘Croydon Vision is a good place to build relationships with other visually impaired people who understand the difficulties of sight loss. I have enjoyed taking part in pottery and the excursions are fantastic, as I get to go to places that I would not ordinarily be able to go by myself.’ – Marilin S

‘For me Croydon Vision helps me navigate my essentials through helping me with IT, my smart phone and my resources, all things I use in my daily life. Staff have the knowledge and take the time to help me adapt to these resources, as many organisations do not understand the adjustments needed for someone with a visual impairment.’ – Pat K

‘Croydon Vision means a lot to me, coming here has made me see that I am not alone in my difficulties. It also brings perspective as there are people who have sight conditions that are worse than mine and they are managing quite well. Croydon Vision gives people with sight loss dignity, maximising their potential.’ – Mary J