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Service Enablers

Aims and Objective
Here at Croydon Vision, we believe in co-production by encouraging active participation.
People who use our services should have greater involvement in how they are designed and delivered. Our Service Enablers influence decision making.

The group focuses on maintaining or secure effective change by brainstorming on the Why, How and What. Together, they recommend the course of action for management and act as a sounding board.  We work in partnership; staff, volunteers & member representatives – sharing ideas to expand on; developing a big thinking approach.

Structure of the Committee:
We meet quarterly and organise 1-2 days’ option, making sure as many people are involved in the process. From these meetings we note action points to help improve and develop Croydon Vision (CV). These points are followed through and reported before the next meeting. 

Our next meeting is scheduled May 2021.

Please see below summary of meeting from January 2021:

  • Review and learnings on current adapted services: Doorstep, Home visits and Virtual services
  • The meeting delved into referral pathway and the need for systematic change:
    Why?  Only 27% of people with sight loss in employment.
    How? – Driving political, structural and social change at a local level.
    What  – Steps to improve quality, reach and inclusion of sight loss services locally.

Please see below summary of meeting from September 2020:

  • Reflection on current H&S practises and next steps to further improve.
  • Annual review – service enablers involvement (discussed & agreed).
  • Upcoming annual general meeting – logistics for our first bricks & clicks event.
  • Fundraising; a big thanks for participation (Boxhill) – funds surpassed for electric gate
  • Volunteering (Phase 2) – mutual expectations as well as creation of flexi volunteering.

Please see below a summary of our meetings from May 2020:

  • Shared a draft service plan for an open discussion.
  • An overview of health & safety risk assessment; return to base. 
  • Discussed concerns around referral pathway and possible disparity of data between CV and the council – to explore further.
  • Discussed next steps – rep of service enablers to assess site 19th June, prior to reopening.

Please see below a summary of our meetings from January 2020:

  • Discussed a number of initiatives for 2020 and strategy to fundraise from minor to major items.
  • Events calendar 2020 was shared and discussed at length – final version will feature in newsletter February 2020.
  • Explored ideas of new activities; to open up CV much more.
  • Discussed Health & Safety development and key points for our Facilities Officer and Volunteer.

Please see below summary of our meeting from September 2019:

  • Introduced our new Officer – Children & Young People.
  • Discussed the feasibility report – lift project and next steps.
  • The group discussed transport service, noting its improvement and suggestions for the future. 
  • Discussed new Outreach Project – recruitment and logistics for home visits/support.
  • Health & safety matters discussed; including hall layout and plans for next fire drill.

Please see below a summary of our meeting from May 2019:

  • Discussed and noted feedback on new online E Learning system for Volunteers and Tutors.
  • Introduced the group to future plans; obtaining a quality assurance – Investing in Volunteers by November 2019.
  • Discussed venues for upcoming summer Excursions and Events
    A full timetable of  excursions to publish in June’s newsletter.
  • Health & Safety matters were discussed by David; including practise fire drills.
  • Operational matters: members care, the need for outreach service – Susanette responded that the fundraising group is working on this, a key focus. 

Please see below a summary of our meetings from January 2019:

  • Elected David Elvy as Volunteer Representative (Health & Safety) 
  • Discussed community engagement as well as a draft referral form, incorporated feedback and now in use within the community of Croydon. 
  • Fundraising initiatives and plans for 2019 was discussed.
  • Shared an annual event calendar for 2019 – discussed timings and ideas as well as suggestions to incorporate. 
  • Discussed lunch service and pricing, agreed an uplift based on lunch improvement over the past 9 months.

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