“Croydon Vision will have to start charging me rent soon, as I want to move in!” R Johnson

Healthy Living


Monday morning [Fortnightly]
11.00am – 12:30pm  

If it is Monday morning it is time for me to head to Croydon Vision for a game of short mat bowls from 10.30am to 12.00pm. I help to run the games for our small band of members. We play on a green carpet and bowl from one end and then we bowl back again and this is done throughout the session. Although the games are non-competitive, we don’t keep scores, we do announce the nearest three bowlers to the jack and they then bowl first in the following game.  

We would welcome anyone who wishes to give the bowls a try, it is good fun and a bit of exercise. In our break we stop for tea or coffee and biscuits. We have a supply of bowls which you can use, please note there is no charge for the session but we do collect 50p for the tea / coffee and biscuits. 

Keep Fit   

Thursday morning 
10.00am – 12pm  

The exercises are all done whilst sitting in a chair working all major muscles and joints to keep them lubricated and moving.  There is music in the background to keep a regular pace as we strengthen and extend legs and arms and contract our abdominal and upper body muscles.   After a short break for tea or coffee we return to do some gentle muscular strength and endurance work on our hands and arms using soft sponge balls.  We also incorporate some gentle stretching exercises so everyone goes off for lunch feeling refreshed and eager to continue their day.  


Wednesday morning 
11:00am – 12:30pm  

In our Dance Class, held on every Thursday morning,  we practice on CD music the following dances:-  

Cindy Swing, Yearning Saunter, Barn Dance, Viennese Swing,  Square Tango, Sweet Heart Waltz, and Bossa Nova.  We pair new beginners/learners with an experienced one  to make it easy to pick up steps in rhythm and tempo beats.  Members take special care to look after participants who are  physically and visually less capable.  Some members have been active dancers for more than  twenty years and prove to be extremely beneficial imparting of  their knowledge to enthusiastic new members of our Croydon  Vision.  

Our Dance Group is like a family. We celebrate birthdays,  care for any sick or unwell member, have a tea break with important  news from the office and book lunch menu.