“I was stuck at home for 3 years, I am so glad to join Croydon Vision’s community!” PH.

Talking Newspaper

Keeping you in the loop

Each week our wonderful volunteers take to the mic and record segments that come together to form Croydon Vision’s talking news. This service is designed to keep our members informed with the local Croydon news and to provide them with entertainment they can listen to. The Talking News is a fully accessible service that we can use to reach members at their home in the form of an mp3 stick.  

The first section of the Talking News is hosted by our volunteer Sarah Woolley who presents all of Croydon’s local news keeping listeners up to date with the Croydon borough. The next section is called the talking magazine, which is hosted by a different regular volunteer each week who covers a variety of topics that would interest our members. Each month our newsletter is read out as a substitute for the talking magazine to make sure that for those who have difficulties reading paper format can be fully updated with all of Croydon Visions events and news. 

This service is £20 for an annual subscription. We will mail your USB in a bright yellow package, once you have listened to the talking news for the week simply place the USB stick back into the yellow package and post back to Croydon Vision, free of charge, where we can then swap your memory stick for the latest copy. 

To sign up to the Talking News and to find out more about this service please call reception on 020 8688 2486 or email info@CroydonVision.org.uk