“I was stuck at home for 3 years, I am so glad to join Croydon Vision’s community!” PH.

Young People’s Diary


I would like to share my experiences of the Dearne Valley weekend in South Yorkshire provided by VICTA charity.  The weekend really began on Saturday with our first activity called “nightline”.  It had created a lot of curiosity because no one quite knew what it was.  However, this proved no problem, as we soon found out that it was completing an easy obstacle course blindfolded.  This allowed us to use our communication skills to stay with the group.  But a new person arrived during this intriguing opening activity, her name was Emma and we would remain friends onwards until this day.  The next activity, team tech was in a classroom.  It required us to build various objects with Meccano.  This helped us cultivate our ingenuity and collaboration. 

After lunch it was canoeing; far and away the best activity of the day. It was strenuous but rewarding.  I found it strangely calming to paddle up and down the lake in my small convoy of canoes with the sound of splashing paddles in our ears. 

On Sunday we did rock climbing and archery both of which were enjoyable.  However, they were also challenging.  I was pleasantly surprised however when I went to kayaking and found that it was like canoeing, but a lot more fun and a whole lot wetter. After two last activities it was time to go.

 In conclusion I would highly recommend the yearly VICTA activity weekends because you can build friendships and they are very informative for all.