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3 Ways We’re Making Lockdown Less Lonely

The last 12 months has certainly had us all scratching our heads about how to stay healthy as well as connected. Here at Croydon Vision we’ve developed a few ways to help us all keep our sense of wellness and community until a time we can all be together again…

1Keep Fit!

Staying active is a well-known way to keep your spirits up, so we’ve been doing our best to keep everyone busy with dance and exercise classes. The feedback has been wonderful so a big thanks and a pat on the back to everyone who’s got stuck in!

“A big thank you to CV and Frances Cullen who, every Thursday morning, has been running our Keep Fit and Tai Chi exercises via conference call.  This has helped our physical well-being and mental health. I also enjoyed her Keep Fit via Facebook Live”. Mary, Croydon Vision member.

– Take a look at Croydon Vision SEEHub for more keep fit  videos.

– Visit the Croydon Vision Facebook Live page to make sure you don’t miss our latest live events.


2. Special Deliveries

For as long as we can’t get together to share food at Bedford Hall, we’ve adapted our services to deliver meals to members. 

“It’s such a great service. Thanks for supporting my needs.”  Vee, Croydon Vision Member.

“Croydon Vision have been able to cater to my dietary requirements, providing me with a selection of wonderful, hot tasty food. I no longer need to worry about arranging food.” Pauline, Croydon Vision Member.

“I can’t thank you enough for the lunches. Eating hot fresh meals every week has helped me a lot.” Jenny, Croydon Vision Member.

It feels great to be able to connect in this small way and even share a socially distanced chat on the doorstep! 


3. Embrace Technology!

Sophie has been an active member of Croydon Vision for some time but, like many of us, she felt she was missing out on experiences during lockdown (especially Isha’s excellent food)!

Katherine, one of our resident IT wizards visited Sophie in her home to help her set up Zoom, so that she could access concerts and connect with her family. During their meeting she mentioned that she had read about our Facebook Live events in the Newsletter. Sophie was particularly interested in watching the cooking events, so she could learn to cook like Isha!

By the time Katherine left Sophie couldn’t believe that we had covered so much! She is now looking forward to joining us at the next Facebook Live event.

– Learn to cook like Isha with this step-by-step cookery video on the Croydon SEEhub.

– Find out more about how our IT support team could help you stay connected by getting in touch. 

Want to share your experiences of lockdown? We’d love to hear them, simply send an email to and we may even feature you on this blog.

Feb 21, 2021

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