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Tips and Tech for Better Labelling

Labelling things around your home can make a real difference to how independent you can be as a visually impaired person. There are many ways to label things so that you can tell what they are; from using Bumpons (sparingly) to writing labels with a thicker pen or using colour to help you identify things. Below we explore a few options…


Bumpons are sticky, tactile dots that you can attach to items to help identify things. For example you could put Bumpons on your thermostat to help you line up temperatures, or on the microwave to help you identify specific buttons.

Bumpons: 10p per Bumpon


The PenFriend is a hand held recorder that you place against special sticky labels and then record your own messages for specific items. To play back the message all you have to do is put the pen against the labels. Latest models come with 130 recordable labels and each can hold a message, or music, up to one hour long. We have a PenFriend in the Resource Centre and many of the items have been labelled with PenFriend dots, so if you would like to have a go with it please do come and visit us.

Pen Friend: £81.99
Pen Friend additional stickers: £13

A bright idea for light switches…

Since light switches are often a similar colour to a wall, finding one you’re not familiar with can be tricky. So we were impressed by the idea of framing your light switches with coloured tape, or even card to increase the contrast. 

Got a tip, trick or hack you’d like to share with other Croydon Vision members? Email:

If you would like to know more about labelling items give Katherine or Ola a call on 020 8688 2486, they would be more than happy to help.

Feb 26, 2021

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