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Get Ready For More Sunshine!

The clocks will be going forwards on Sunday 31st March, which is great news for vitamin D fans but can be a bit rough on your body clock. Here are three top tips for enjoying the transition: 

  1. Experts recommend that when trying to adjust your sleep schedule, you start very slowly, getting up 15 minutes earlier each day leading up to the 31st.
  1. Try to rejig your evenings to be more restful. Junk food and exercise close to bedtime is a no-no; taking a bath instead is a great way to ease into an early bedtime.
  1. Exercise can help regulate the body’s internal clock, so in response to the shifting clock, why not kick start that workout plan you’ve had on the cards since January?

Keen to try something experimental to improve your sleep? This TED Talk “How to Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep” by Jim Donovan is well worth a watch. Jim is something of a drumming guru and he’s developed a simple tapping technique anyone can do, that’s pretty good at slowing down the rhythms of the body and mind!

Take a look:

Finally, got any top tips for a restful sleep? Share them with us on Facebook, or pop us an email on

Apr 26, 2021

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