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– About 7 years ago Vasanti was told that her sight was deteriorating and that she has partial sight. During this time she was not working and struggled with her mobility. She was registered partially sighted but determinted to continue her hobbies such as knitting, painting and decorating. Vasanti is now a regular here at Croydon Vision taking part in Social Groups, Crafts and Dancing. 

During August Vasanti went on all of our excursions. One of our excursion involved the group using public transport to get to Shakespeare’s Globe, this was the first time Vasanti had ever used a train. She loved the experience and never thought she would be able to use a train due to her mobility. She was happily surprised at the amount of helpful assistance she received through her journey. The whole experience left her filled with confidence and happiness at experiencing something she had never done before. Thanks TFL for your support in making this possible

Oct 15, 2019

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“A life saver & a life change”