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Member’s Blog – Impact of sight loss

When I first got diagnosed with Glaucoma, it did not come as a total shock as my Grandmother already had it. I remember my Grandmother actually feeling guilty that I had also developed it. Already this eye condition was having a major impact on myself and my family, but little did I know what was to follow.
I recall the Doctor telling me I would lose my right eye and need surgery on my left. In time there was also a high risk I might lost my entire sight. On leaving I stopped and looked at my girlfriend and said ‘we can go our separate ways, neither of us signed up for this’. I was heartbroken but was just thinking of her future.

I remember on the day of the operation the Consultant explained the procedure to me. They would be changing the shape of the eye to remove the Glaucoma and my eyes would never look the same again. I was not made aware of this prior to that day, and in hindsight it was probably a blessing.
On the day of the operation I vaguely remember all of tests the nurses had to conduct, but I just wanted to get on with the operation and I was more concerned about how my eye would look after.

Thankfully the op was a success. On waking up my first thought was ‘how did it go?’ and ‘what did my eye look like?’ As I had responded so well to the operation I able to leave the hospital that day and I have never allowed sight loss to slow me down since!

Everyone reacts differently to a life changing event, and as a positive and proactive person, I have not let my eye loss impact too much on my life. You certainly have to adapt, but for me that’s now a part of my life.

You may find some friends don’t know how to deal with your eye loss; they may not see you as the same person but on the other hand they might surprise you. I am so fortunate to have love and support from an amazing family and reliable and encouraging friends.

Apr 16, 2019

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