“I appreciate Croydon Vision very much, it is a community that develops my skills, especially on tech”- RA.

A group of members and volunteers are standing around a table for volunteers week

It is often said that happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.
This week, we appreciate our Volunteers with a Bigger thank you!
The social value they bring to Croydon Vision is enormous and when we try to
quantified monetarily, the total sum for 2023-24 was a whopping £83,922!

Workshops during the week designed by Volunteers, from basket weaving, herb
planting and a very emotional mental health session, every activity was designed to
recognise the hard work our volunteers put into our Croydon Vision.

The highlight of Volunteers Week was our celebratory lunch held on June 6th. This
lunch gave us an opportunity to recognise and thank those who generously give their
time and energy to our cause. The lunch was held at our beloved Bedford Hall which
was transformed into a beautifully decorated venue.

Our guests thoroughly enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our wonderful chef, Isha.
There were over 70 guests and Isha made sure to cater to everyone’s needs by
preparing Roast Chicken, Vegetable Biryani and Salmon, supported by Shallini. At the
end of our meal, our volunteers gathered around to cut their cake.

One highlight of the day was a touching video compilation featuring staff and members
of Croydon Vision expressing their thanks and gratefulness to our volunteers. Not only
did the video capture gratitude, it also demonstrated the huge impact our volunteers
have at Croydon Vision.

Another highlight of our day was our award ceremony. We wanted to take a moment to
honor our exceptional volunteers for their contribution which has made a significant
impact. As each volunteer stepped forward to receive their award, everyone applauded
and cheered. It was a touching moment that showcased the impact our volunteers have.
It was a joyous occasion and feedback tells us that people had a great time, examples;

“What a lovely Volunteer welcome we had. I’m sure everyone really felt they were much
appreciated. The atmosphere was great, the food was as lovely as the Chef.” JS.

“Thank you so much for a super lunch and a most enjoyable afternoon. Well done to
everyone. Thank you also for my card and gift.” SL.

“This party is one of the best because volunteers and staff come together and socialise”

To conclude, we would love to extend our deepest thanks to all the volunteers who
attended our celebration. Your dedication and hard work are what truly keeps our
organisation going. Every single one of our volunteers plays a crucial role in helping us
achieve our goals and together, we continue to make a positive impact on the

Thank you to everyone who give back to their community, your time and
commitment is making a difference – Happy Volunteers Week!