“Happy Volunteers Week to our Amazing Team! – A Member said, They are my eyes when I can’t see.”- AJ.

A collage of the garden party both at Croydon Vision and Buckingham Palace - group pics.

Tuesday 21st May was no ordinary day, we hosted over 100 people at Croydon Vision, our very own Garden Party!
Simultaneously, our CEO, http://Susanette Mansour and a long standing Volunteer, Maria Stirling attended the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.
Bedford Hall was transformed into a lively venue for our celebration – the air was filled with heartfelt conversations and people enjoying themselves.
The event brought together members, dedicated team (volunteers and staff) and guests – here’s a recap of the event and the wonderful people who made it possible.

Everyone enjoyed the many delicious foods prepared by our Super Chef Isatu. She put her culinary skills and hard work into making our event even more special. To end our meal, everyone tucked into our delicious cake. The event featured flowering arranging where our members created beautiful, bright bouquets. Our members also took part in a Royal Family quiz, everyone was divided into teams and competed to win prizes. We then ended off our celebration unveiling our minibuses, proudly displaying the Kings Award logo and the quote “Serving the Community for over 100 years”.

Everyone truly had a great time at our garden party. See below quotes that captured the nature of the event, from Croydon Vision members:

“The Garden Party was lovely and both staff and volunteers worked really hard and I really appreciated it, the food was delicious and the energy was vibrant, well done Croydon Vision”. MR
“What a nicely arranged party”
“I had a very good time, food is great – such a good job – the place looks really good”

These quotes reminds us of the impact and sense of community we admire and value at Croydon Vision.
We want to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who attended and supported our garden party, special thanks to http://Rep DL Croydon, Ray Wilkinson, Rajan Amin, Coversure Croydon .
Everyone’s presence and contributions made this celebration truly memorable. We also would love to thank everyone who donated to make this event possible.

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