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Taster Day

– On Friday 21st June, Croydon Vision held a taster day where members, volunteers, staff and external people got to have a look into the different activities and services that run at Croydon Vision all while enjoying a delicious BBQ. 

We were graced by fantastic weather, which meant our courtyard was full of activities. We had stalls with lots of information on our different project and many games being played. Guest were treated to manicures, all with the smell of the BBQ in the background. Thank you to our cook (Isha), as always for her amazing food. In the afternoon we were treated to a self-defence demonstration by Meade TKD Ltd. 

In the coffee lounge, we had a display from our Pottery, Arts and Crafts classes for guest viewing as well as Danielle in the resource centre waiting to answer guest’s questions. 

Whilst all that was going on outside, the hall was also buzzing with activities. We had a talk about Glaucoma from our Trustee Ketan followed by a spot of dancing, a make up tutorial and keep fit. After this, Maxine Plowden facilitates on mystery shopping and how everybody can get involved. The Mayor of Croydon came down and gave a wonderful speech. The day was ended with Croydon Vision has talent put together by Maxine Palmer, and talent there was! Everyone who came had a fantastic day and I personally, had a lot of fun; spending the day with everyone. 

Fay Chegwidden – Volunteer Coordinator 

‘The day was excellent and wonderful. I find it hard to socialise with my vision but here, I feel comfortable and I enjoy coming out’  

 George Simpson – Member 

It was a very informative, interesting day and it’s a great time for me as a volunteer to meet other volunteers and members. I got a real insight into sight loss from the Glaucoma talk especially.   

Sarah Parry – Volunteer 

Jun 24, 2019

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