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Lockdown-Inspired Poetry

Back in July 2020 the Covid-19 lockdown was relatively fresh but it was real enough to inspire one of our members to write a poem about what life had become. Bob Horne shared his poetry with us and we found it unanimously moving: 


We’ve been to the club,

And had our say,
Done social activities,
Throughout the day,
Though a little quieter,
Since the familiar ceased,
We’re just getting started,
Since Lockdown eased,
As the weeks move onward, more will come,
Mates that we miss, with much aplomb,
The minibus empty, just a clutch of the few,
Enjoy the return, to all that is new,
Observing the rules, no singing aloud,
I tried to tell Lauren, he’d try he vowed,
Steven got out his harmonica intending to play,
But Katherine she gently said put it away,
Things will be different for a while at the start,
Working together will become quite an art,
With patience and gusto we’ll all have our say,

Because we are family, and we will obey.

Bob Horne, Saturday, 11th July 2020

Bob’s words are still powerful months later, as we all still wait patiently to come together again. In the meantime if you find that writing – poetry or otherwise – has helped you to work through your feelings and experiences over the last year or so, please do consider sharing it with us so we can publish it here.

We’d love to hear from you on

After all sharing words and feelings is one of the surest ways we have of feeling closer to each other as we remain socially distanced. Thank you.

Feb 21, 2020

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