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Adapting to the New Now – January 2021

7th January 2021
                                        Adapting to the New Now

Dear Stakeholders,

I hope that you and your family/friends remain well.

We had great expectations of reopening 4th January 2021.
However, with such rapid increase of the pandemic, it is critical we take steps to keep everyone safe and with that in mind, internal services will remain closed until after Easter. Our adapted services will continue; making sure we always put people first.

Internal services will resume 19th April 2021, subject to risk reduction.
On the other hand, we are mindful that isolation and mental health is on the rise and will do our very best to stay connected, providing doorstep, home visit and virtual services. Please see our business continuity plan:

Doorstep Services

Doorstep Buddying


Freshly Cooked Lunch


Grocery Shopping


Prescription Collection


Home Visits

Essential Home Visit

As required

Tech Training

As required

Virtual (Clicks)

Advice & Advocacy

Monday to Thursday


Once or Twice Weekly

Children & Young People


Facebook Live Event

Every Thursday at 4pm

Talking News/Newsletter


Social Groups/Personal Development


Talking Therapies


Please take care of yourself, take care of each other – this too shall pass!

Susanette Mansour – CEO, Croydon Vision

Jan 7, 2021

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