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AGM 2019

– On the 4th October, we held our AGM. On arrival guests were entrained with a musical performance by some of our talented members. After a delicious buffet style meal, we had the business section which included the introduction of new trustees and our new outreach project. We had Daniel Williams as our special guest speaker and the Mayor of Croydon Humayun Kabir gave a speech. Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about the event. 

“This was my first ever AGM and it was really nice to see so many people and get more of an understanding of Croydon Vision. It was nice to see entertainment from our members including Ellie one of our young members. Everything felt inclusive and it was amazing to hear how well CV has done over the past year.  
Korey Knight – Children & Young People Officer 

It was great to see the majority of our Trustees, together with members and volunteers. The launch of our Outreach Programme and the appointment of both Jennifer Smith and Anna Smith was very exciting. The report on the progressing plans for a lift in the main building gave me hope that this long-awaited development to make all floors accessible to our VI members would eventually be realised. The meeting was one of optimism and encouragement for the way forward for Croydon Vision as we continue to serve our Croydon residents.  Frances Cullen – Chair 

“I really enjoyed performing with other members at the AGM and displaying our talent. The whole atmosphere was warm and welcoming and it was great to mingle and meet new people. I thought the meeting was interesting and I liked being informed about the future plans of Croydon Vision. I left feeling informed, happy and optimistic.”   
Maxine Palmer – Member 

We had speeches from our Director, Trustee Board Chairperson, Treasurer and votes were taken on a variety of proposes especially acceptance of the accounts. We were also treated to an inspirational talk from Daniel Williams. After all the speeches were given there was a tribute to deserving staff. I have very much enjoyed being a trustee in the past and am looking forward to continuing my other voluntary roles and working towards CVs goals together.  
Jim Smith – Volunteer 

Oct 7, 2019

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