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Clarity in Chaos – Service Adaption

Dear Stakeholders,

This month we will be assessing the logistics of re-opening Bedford Hall whilst maintaining an online/virtual services.
Our re-opening date is projected as 1st July 2020. We plan to continue providing all adapted services throughout May and June. The decision of a phased return is dependent on this virus being regulated/decreasing. Furthermore, we are mindful that some members may still be shielding at start of July. Please see below our business continuity service plan:

Information and Advice (Telephone service only)

  • Financial guidance and advocacy

Lunch Service – eat & live well; cooked meal delivered to your door.

Grocery – personal shopping for members – essential items only

Facebook Live Events (Thursdays) – check out our facebook page for more details –


  • Telephone befriending during normal working hours
  • Preventing isolation through home visits (please be assured; outreach team will have on personal equipment)


  • Home service – setting up social networking with family/friends
  • Set up, and using internet shopping for food/other.


  • Fortnightly newsletter; interactive – promoting mental well being
  • Talking News will continue to be available weekly

Thanks for your understanding, keep safe and sane, this too shall pass! Susanette Mansour – CEO, Croydon Vision

Mar 17, 2020

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