“Happy Volunteers Week to our Amazing Team! – A Member said, They are my eyes when I can’t see.”- AJ.


Leave a Legacy… Be a Legacy 
Thank you for your interest in leaving a legacy/bequest to Croydon Voluntary Association for the Blind (Aka Croydon Vision – Charity No. 1165086)*. This is a practical way of showing your gratitude for the support you might have received from Croydon Vision. It is a well-known fact that we wouldn’t survive without gifts in wills to support many others with sight loss. 

*As a donor, you are in control of your gift. You can designate it with a specific place or purpose in mind, or leave your gift unrestricted so we can apply it toward the areas of greatest need. We are here to assist you in planning your financial future to achieve the greatest benefit for you, your family and the services that make up Croydon Vision.  

With a planned gift, you can 

  • Maintain service provision as well as increase public awareness of our mission, vision & values.  
  • Support our future plans in pursuing excellence for future generations.   
  • Champion the development of cultural and educational programmes for people with sight loss. In addition, building enhancement and transport accessibility.  

Take these steps when making a planned gift 

  • Contact the Chief Executive – Susanette Mansour on 020 8688 2486, alternatively by email susanette.mansour@CroydonVision.org.uk for more information in relation to legacy. 
  • Please contact your Lawyer and your Financial Advisor. Let them know you are considering a planned gift to Croydon Vision. They can assist you in determining what type of gift best suits your personal and financial circumstances.  
  • Be sure to talk to your family and friends about your plans and personal wishes in addressing family needs as well as your legacy gifts.

    Thank you once again and we do hope you will consider leaving a gift in your will to Croydon Vision, to maintain sustainability and service provision for others.