“Since recently joining Croydon Vision there’s been a big shift in the way I see my future going” – Dorca

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We’re Transforming Lives

Our Culture defined:

We put People First
We Empower our People, on the journey to independence
We take great pride in our Vibrant Community.

Everything we do is focused on transforming lives and encouraging people to re-evaluate what’s possible when you’re blind or partially sighted. There is life after sight loss.

Our Bricks & Clicks way of working means we offer physical support and presence, as well as virtual online services, so no-one gets left behind. Find out more about what we offer by clicking below.


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Are you a hard-working, detail orientated individual with a good head for numbers?

We are currently recruiting for a Finance Lead to support our continued growth

We are looking for someone with experience in charity accounting.

Sound like you?

Are you a gamer?
Are you also VI?

Odette caught up with Josh at the SBI summit and he introduced us to the top 5 games available for VI gamers through the @GO2GAMES Game Changer Programme.

We love playing games at CV! What about you?

Check it out here: https://caniplaythat.com/2021/10/21/5-games-for-blind-and-visually-impaired-players/

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