“I was stuck at home for 3 years, I am so glad to join Croydon Vision’s community!” PH.

Ketan Jadeja is our Health & Social Care Trustee and his professional life sees him bridging the gap between Moorfields Eye Hospital and community practice.

“Growing up I wanted to do something medical. Both of my grandmothers had glaucoma, and I find the eye generally fascinating, so I followed a path from work experience in a local Croydon opticians, to studying Optometry at City University. I’ve done a number of post-grad studies, so my job is more clinical than your average high street optometrist. That means I’ve been able to be part of Croydon Vision’s Glaucoma Support Group. As part of that role I deliver talks on everything from how glaucoma affects the eye, to current treatments, I also share information about new treatments, as well as new pathways to access care in the community.

The Croydon Vision members are a really good bunch, who like to get involved. I feel that visually impaired people should be given the respect of not being treated differently but the same as everyone else. Last year for the first time I helped out with Christmas parcel drop-offs for members, I took my four year old along and we had a lot of fun. Sharing just a few hours means a lot.

If I had one wish for Croydon Vision it would be to remedy the isolation of the last year with a big get-together; nice food, activities, music – I think we all need that right now.”