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Music and Mingling with Jim Smith

Member and Volunteer, Jim (pictured right) popped into the studio at Bedford Hall a few weeks ago to record an episode of the Our Voice Podcast. We chatted about the Music Appreciation Group and the Talking News, which he helps to produce. Below is a small except of the interview, you can hear the full version, along with the other episodes via the link at the bottom of the page:
Josie: Before we say anything else, has anyone ever told you that you have a voice twin Jim? I think you sound a bit like Ken Bruce from Radio 2, and there’s a connection because you run the Music Appreciation Group here at Croydon Vision.

Jim: That’s right. It’s pretty new but the idea is, whoever is interested in any type of music can bring along a CD of their choice and we play one track from as many as we can. The atmosphere is very good, silent cups of tea – no slurping! – the
two hours goes very quickly as we chat away in between music.

Josie: I gather you’re not keen on rap music…!

Jim: We cover all genres! It’s good fun; jazz, musicals, classical, pop occasionally, country and western. All are welcome to come along with their CDs and meet people they might not otherwise meet. It’s all about mingling.

Use the following link to listen to the full episode: