“Croydon Vision will have to start charging me rent soon, as I want to move in!” R Johnson

I have so enjoyed going out on excursions with members this year. Spending time with everyone has taught me that people with a visual impairment are excellent at bowling!

The first time we met to go bowling was at Valley Park at the start of January. At first, because we didn’t know you could put the barriers up on the sides of the alley, everyone was losing; it was really funny! Then, after we discovered the barriers lots of people became experts, though I still kept losing!

Valley Park bowling is an accessible, warm, and friendly environment. During our trips there we’ve met other social groups with different disabilities, we’re building friendships as we continue to go bowling on a weekly basis.

The games usually last for an hour but it doesn’t stop there! Afterwards we often go to different restaurants; Frankie and Benny’s is my favourite. All the restaurants in Valley Park have been so accommodating and I am truly impressed with how they adjust to our needs.

Bowling is great for getting everyone out of the house. It kept us connected during the building work at Croydon Vision and I hope it’ll carry on now we’re back!

Please do contact reception if you’d like to take part in the next bowling trip by emailing info@croydonvision.org.uk or phoning 020 8688 2486