“I appreciate Croydon Vision very much, it is a community that develops my skills, especially on tech”- RA.

At the culmination of Volunteers Week 2023, Croydon Vision brought together volunteers both old and new for a celebration and recognition of the good works volunteers do.

The event on 7th of June 2023, was an opportunity for Croydon Vision members and staff to officially say thank you to the volunteers, who give their time, expertise and energy to support the good cause.

Susanette Mansour, Chief Executive said, “When I think of volunteers, they are the heart of Croydon Vision. Thank you for being the heart and soul of our organisation. Without you, we won’t be where we are. Together as we build and develop the organisation for the next 10, 50 and 100 years, we really want you to rally behind us.”

Frances Cullen, who has been volunteering with Croydon Vision for over 27 years said, “Volunteering at Croydon Vision has changed my life for the better.” Frances encouraged all those who may be thinking to volunteer to step in and see it for themselves.

Pauline Tate, a senior citizen and member of Croydon Vision thanked volunteers for their massive contributions. Pauline said, “I want to say a big thank you to volunteers who make our lives easier and better every day. I thank volunteers so much”

Following short welcome and thank you speeches, lunch was served, which was followed by official recognition of volunteers, who were awarded Gratitude certificates and gifts. Reaction of volunteers was so heart touching. Theodore Arthur reacting to the recognition said, “It feels so good to be recognised. Thank you for such a great opportunity”

One of the most interesting moments during the celebration was, cutting the mega cake and enjoying the solidarity between members, volunteers and staff.

Our organisation is on course to celebrate its centenary in the not too distant future. We hence want to see more and more people involved and supporting our organisation. As we celebrate and thank the past and current volunteers, we are keen to have many more volunteers to come forward and do their best to help us transition onto our next journeys.