“I was stuck at home for 3 years, I am so glad to join Croydon Vision’s community!” PH.

I’m Kwame Dartey, and I have a visual impairment. I became a member of Croydon Vision in 2017 and regularly participated in their Wednesday social group. It was a wonderful experience as I actively engaged in conversations, covering various topics, sharing jokes, and moments of laughter. On some occasions, we would dine out and indulge in pizza, making it a delightful group of people to be around. Engaging in these social activities significantly boosted my confidence and my ability to connect with others.

Being part of this group helped me realize that I’m not alone in experiencing visual impairment. I felt that I made valuable contributions by sharing my personal experiences, bringing smiles to people’s faces, and advocating for Croydon Vision. Subsequently, I embarked on a new chapter in my journey by becoming a volunteer, allowing me to contribute even more to Croydon Vision and its community. This volunteering experience has further enriched my life, and I continue to be an active advocate for the organization, all while fostering a strong sense of camaraderie with the remarkable individuals who make up the Croydon Vision family.